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2600 Year Anniversary Edition Buddha Amulets White Jade Buddha Amulets Gold Jatukam Style Buddha Amulet Tiger Eye Buddha Amulets Buddha Gallery
2600 Year Anniversary Edition Buddha Amulets

New Buddhas – 2600 Year Anniversary of Buddha’s Nirvana

We were lucky enough to get half a dozen of these new Buddha shield amulets from one of the most well-known and respected Buddhist temples in southern Thailand. We have one pink, purple, blue, green, and two gold amulets for sale, but no order buttons up yet. If you want to request one – let […]

White Jade Buddha Amulets

White Jade Somdej Buddha Amulet – Exclusive, Not Found Anywhere Else

Buy this impossible to find anywhere else Buddha amulet (with free stainless steel case) for just $129.95 – Item #: WhiteJade1

Gold Jatukam Style Buddha Amulet

Gold Buddha Amulet in Round Jatukam Style

Buy this amulet below – just $99.95 – Item #: BUD8

Tiger Eye Buddha Amulets

Happy (Fat) Buddha – Thailand Amulet in Tiger Eye Stone

These are very popular, not only in China, but around the world as everyone loves to see a happy, smiling, and chubby Buddha for some reason. The design is fairly modern and only within the last 50 years has it been seen. Usually the Buddha has been shown without a smile, and thin – even […]

Buddha Gallery

Some New Thailand Buddhas – Photo Gallery

Some of our new Buddhas from Thailand – we’ll be getting information pages on these up soon. We still have some of these amazing Thai amulets. If you are interested, send us email to: thaiamuletsalescom@gmail.com and let us know. We’ll try to find it and give you price that includes a free necklace, blessed bracelets, […]


Special Buddhist Amulet Sale – One Entire Tray

Whole Display Tray of Buddhist Amulets for Sale! We are having a special amulet sale. Not sure how long it will go on, but, we’ve decided to sell either one whole tray of amulets, or, sell them individually at a good price. Most of the amulets we have here in the amulet-tray photo above we […]

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Thai Amulets for Sale Here at AllBuddhas.com

These are authentic Buddhist amulets from a Buddhist temple here in Thailand. We sell nothing but authentic amulets directly from the temple. We never deviate from that. All of the amulets found here have been been blessed by Budhdist monks chanting at the temple, some of them having been chanted hundreds of times – especially […]

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Happy Thai Amulet Sales Customer Response

We received this reponse from a buyer at our other site, ThaiAmuletSales.com, recently and thought we’d share… * * * * * Hello!!! I just wanted to send an email to let you know that I did receive my package and I absolutley LOVE the bracelets that I got, plus the added goodies that you […]

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New Buddha Amulets from Thailand Buddhist Temples

New Buddhas Coming to AllBuddhas.com

We are going to add considerably to this website and start selling some new premium Buddhas we find at temples around Thailand, and possibly in neighboring countries like Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and Vietnam. Currently we have a number of special Buddhas that are not on any of our four websites, and that […]

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New Authentic Buddha Amulets at ThaiAmuletSales.com

We recently updated a couple of our Buddha amulets pages at Thaiamuletsales.com, and we hope you have time to go by and browse them. We added many Jatukam style Buddha amulets from one of our favorite Buddhist temples in southern Thailand, as well as some rare pieces we found at a temple closer to home. […]

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Buddhist Temple Photos

Here are some photos of a Buddhist Temple in northeastern Thailand that was created with over 1 million bottles of all sorts. It is located in a remote spot that you are not likely to get to, even if you are visiting one of the main provinces nearby. Buddhist temples are lovely to walk through […]

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Rare steatite rock Buddhas carved from one piece and finished smoothly.

Steatite Stone Buddhas

We found 2 of these amazing steatite stone Buddhas and will offer them for sale at some point, as soon as we figure out how to send them. Each Buddha rock is solid, and very heavy – about 2 kilograms. We don’t have a scale here – so not sure how heavy exactly. Perhaps we […]

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2 New Thailand Buddha Amulets

Today we visited a couple of temples and found some ideal Buddha amulets. Great care was taken to make these amulets, and though they were made at the temple – they were made by monk craftsmen – that are excellent at what they do. Both are round amulets, like Jatukam, but without Ramathep images – […]

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All Buddhas – Your Premium Buddha Amulet Resource

We’ve created AllBuddhas.com to be a trusted shop for your premium Buddha amulet needs. While many shops in Bangkok specialize in selling amulets of $5,000 – $50,000 or more, and far more concentrate on the under $100 niche – we are focused on premium Buddhas between $99 and $1,700 here. The Buddha amulets you find […]

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Adding many Buddha Amulets this Year

Amulet links below, and also browse our other site: ThaiAmuletSales.com