Buddhist Temple Photos

Here are some photos of a Buddhist Temple in northeastern Thailand that was created with over 1 million bottles of all sorts. It is located in a remote spot that you are not likely to get to, even if you are visiting one of the main provinces nearby.

Buddhist temples are lovely to walk through and enjoy with a camera… we strongly suggest that while you’re visiting Thailand you stop and see as many as you can – you will always find something interesting – whether it’s the Buddhist architecture, the people, or some of the many Buddhist statues that adorn the temple grounds.

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2 thoughts on “Buddhist Temple Photos”

  1. hi, im not really a collector for thai amulets but i trust the power for these amulets. currently im actually looking for LP thuad statue around 5″-7″ high.
    not sure if you got any offer for that?
    prefered to be from well known temple, famous monk and dont have to be antique which i cant afford.
    i dont mind what material as long as it is authentic, has its blessed power and even recent creation.


    i can be contacted at william.sim1969@gmail.com

    1. Hi William,

      Thailand is very strict about sending statues overseas. We don’t get involved in that. Sorry we cannot help!

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