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We recently updated a couple of our Buddha amulets pages at, and we hope you have time to go by and browse them. We added many Jatukam style Buddha amulets from one of our favorite Buddhist temples in southern Thailand, as well as some rare pieces we found at a temple closer to home.

Buddha amulets for necklaces are a source of comfort for many people around the world. Though the economy is still not on a serious upswing, people are investing in quality amulets they can hand down to their children, who will also do the same.

We have a number of rare white jade, silver, and petrified wood Buddhas here on this site and our other site mentioned above. Please have a look when you have some free time!


Joy B.

Author: admin

Sawasdee Ka! We are a couple living in Thailand with our lovely daughter in Thailand's amazing (and hot!) south. The amulets found at are of the highest quality materials, lineage, and are blessed by the Buddhist monks at the temples we purchase them at. These amulets make exceptionally nice gifts, and we also have a fair number of collectors buy from us directly instead of traveling to Thailand themselves. At the moment we have a set of 30 Buddha amulets - white jade, and petrified wood made Buddhas that we are selling wholesale. This is a one-time offer, these amulets will never be available again - as they came to us through a unique set of circumstances. We are selling 30 - 1/3rd of our collection in this way, please don't ask for the full 100 amulets - we would like to distribute them ourselves. If you have any questions - do write: If you would like amulets under $100 USD - please see -, one of our other Thailand amulet sites. Sawasdee Ka!

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