Special Buddhist Amulet Sale – One Entire Tray

Thai Buddhist amulets for sale in bulk. Forty-six amulets for $799.
All of these amulets for sale, as a tray (a group), or individually. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Whole Display Tray of Buddhist Amulets for Sale!

We are having a special amulet sale. Not sure how long it will go on, but, we’ve decided to sell either one whole tray of amulets, or, sell them individually at a good price. Most of the amulets we have here in the amulet-tray photo above we have duplicates of. So, if some customers buy a couple of the amulets, no worries, we can just create the tray with the extras we have. If someone buys the entire tray, they get an incredible bargain, and we won’t be able to sell some of these individually – obviously.

Some of these amulets have not been featured anywhere on our website, they were purchased at the temples recently and we haven’t been able to update our website store with them.

Take a look at the photo of the for-sale amulets and see if there is something that you might want. Refer to them by the letter of the row and the number of the column, like D4. Then we’ll give you our best price on the amulet, including shipping, free necklace and some bracelets.

Buy the entire tray for just $799.00. That is a discount of about 55%.

Or, email us and let us know which amulets you are interested in. We’ll send you a Paypal invoice to pay for them. We’ll send them with free shipping, necklace, and bracelets.




Description by Row and Column:

A1 – Clay seated Buddha with radiant background. Unique shape. (2 included)

A2 – Gold pearl shell like Jinnarat Buddha with gold rim case

A3 – White pearl shell like Jinnarat Buddha with gold case

A4 – Seated Buddha with radiance around head. Pra Bit Tar on reverse. Solid copper. (2 included)

A5 – Tricolor Jinnarat (also called Jinnaraj) Buddha in cut shield design.

A6 – Gold Jinnarat Buddha in cut shield design.

A7 – 2600 Year Anniversary shield Buddha, gold plated. Eyelet un-drilled.

A8 – Naragote 9 head amulet. Nawagote consists of 9 rich men who gave up wealth to follow Buddha. They did not ordain as monks.

A9 – Tiger, bronze, from Wat Tum Sua in Krabi, Thailand – Tiger Cave Temple.

A10 – Somdej metal (stainless?) Buddha in gold case.

B1 Same as A3, just larger.

B2 Also similar to B1 and A3, just gold.

B3 – Tricolor Jinnarat Buddha in gold case.

B4 – Solid brass Buddha in fancy gold case.

B5 – Solid brass  Buddha in triangle case.

B6 – Solid brass Buddha in unblossomed lotus gold case.

B7 – Solid brass Jinnarat Buddha in slightly fancy triangle case.

B8 – Delightful Buddha in unblossomed lotus flower design.

B9 – Bronze seated Buddha wit radiance design behind. Yin-Yang on reverse.

B10 – Solid Brass Yant covered Buddhist Singh – Lion in unique shaped case.

C1 – Small Brass Buddha figurine with radiance behind head.

C2 – Bronze Buddha portrait with 4 scenes of Buddha teaching on reverse. (2 included)

C3 – Buddhas in different poses – front and reverse ( 2 included)

C4 – Stainless steel seated Buddha amulet in shield design

C5 – Sothorn solid copper Buddha with intricate lucky yang design on reverse.

C6 – Black Buddha with bodhi leaf design.

C7 – White pearl shell like Buddha with radiance behind head in fancy gold rim case.

C8 – Gold pearl shell like   – same as above.

C9 – Buddha image sitting under Bodhi tree at enlightenment with gold case.

C10 – Standing tricolour Kwan Yin amulet with radiance behind head and gold case.

D1 – Stainless steel dragon

D2 – Rolled bark amulet with yang designs takrud. Stainless steel ends.

D3 – Tri-color scrolls with stainless steel ends.

D4 – Hollow silver coloured takrud with gold ends.

D5 – Solid copper Buddha with unique design. Not sure about reverse inscription.

D6 – Somdej Buddha oval coin – solid copper I think.

D7 – Waterproof seated meditating Buddha in centre of sacred Pali symbols.

D8 – White marble Somdej style Buddha with orange / pink streaks.

D9 – Lek Lai Buddha amulet in triangle shape.

D10 – Limited Edition (one of a kind) tricolour Jatukam Ramathep amulet – original from Nakhon si Thammarat.