Updating Rare Petrified Wood Inventory

Rare Sothorn Buddhas carved out of sand or soap stone, or other soft stone material. About $479.
One is sold already. I forget which one!

I think we will be adding our rare black and brown, and white jade Buddha inventory to ThaiAmuletSales.com in the next few weeks. We will not put that much information there, just the essentials. This site (AllBuddhas.com) will be the main site to come for detailed information about these hard to find collector’s edition Somdej Buddhas.

We will also be adding new Buddha statues here to this site in the coming days. We have so much to keep up with, because our inventory exploded. We have so many amulets and statues that we have never even put online yet. There is so much work to be done, and we’re going as fast as we can.

Recently we sold one of our two stone Buddhas, so there is just one left. These are the rare ones that we’ve only shown on the ThaiAmuletSales.com site one time before. We will be adding them to the stone Buddhas section. Oops, adding “it”. There is one left.

OK then, more Thai amulet news on the way as it happens. We have a lot planned this year. This is the year we focus 100% on Thai Buddhist amulets and helping people across the world acquire their own Thai amulets, Buddha statues, or other Buddhist items direct from the temple.


With metta!