Some New Thailand Buddhas – Photo Gallery

Some of our new Buddhas from Thailand – we’ll be getting information pages on these up soon.

We still have some of these amazing Thai amulets. If you are interested, send us email and let us know:

We’ll try to find it and give you price that includes a free necklace, blessed bracelets, and shipping with tracking.

New Buddhas Coming to

We are going to add considerably to this website and start selling some new premium Buddhas we find at temples around Thailand, and possibly in neighboring countries like Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and Vietnam.

Currently we have a number of special Buddhas that are not on any of our four websites, and that we haven’t offered for sale to anyone. We have a number of jade Buddhas, crystal Buddhas, and then some special solid silver collection Buddhas that we have some of listed at

If you are looking for Buddhist Buddha gifts to give to people you know for graduation, annivsersary, birthday or other special occasion – do browse both here and at to see if you can find the perfect amulets or other items.

If there is something you would like to see in particular – email us at so we can look for it on our Buddha hunting trips.

Thanks to all of our past customers and welcome to all of our new customers!