All Buddhas – Your Premium Buddha Amulet Resource

We’ve created to be a trusted shop for your premium Buddha amulet needs. While many shops in Bangkok specialize in selling amulets of $5,000 – $50,000 or more, and far more concentrate on the under $100 niche – we are focused on premium Buddhas between $99 and $1,700 here.

The Buddha amulets you find on these pages are guaranteed authentic, and there is a story for each one – or each collection. We buy these amulets directly from monks at Buddhist temples we visit here in Thailand.

We do not buy from other vendors. We do not buy from Thai jewellers – like many Thai amulet shops do. Amulets that come from jewellers are not usually blessed by the abbot of a temple, nor are they usually of any Buddhist significance at all – they are fakes – imposters, in the eyes of true Buddhists who will only buy amulets from the temple.

Since you cannot buy amulets from the temples directly unless you visit Thailand – we provide this service for you.

We have been in business for 7+ years now, and have sold a couple thousand amulets over this time. We have sold no amulets over $99 at our other site –, but we have been contacted by some premium buyers especially in the USA that place orders for rare and sometimes absolutely unique Thai amulets.

This then, is a place to find rare and unique amulets – for gifts, or collection. There are amulets here that have great Buddhist significance. We prefer to find our premium amulets at remote Buddhist temples in the northeast of Thailand – the heart of Thailand’s Buddhist culture.

If you have any questions about the amulets you find here – please write –

Thank you! Metta and best of luck…