White Jade Triangular Buddha Amulets

This is our collection of White Jade Buddha Amulets from our favorite Wat (Buddhist temple) in Northeastern Thailand.

Each amulet is just $125 and comes with a stainless steel case if we can find one to fit. We will let you know after you tell us you are interested in purchasing one.

This amulet, like the rest in this Somdej Buddha collection (non-premium), is just $125 and includes a stainless steel case, free necklace, and a couple of free blessed Buddhist bracelets from our local Thailand temple.

To order this amulet, send us email and ask if it is still available. If it is still available for purchase you can send Paypal payment to our Paypal account: joy@thaiamuletsales.com and send us email to the same address to let us know which amulet you would like.

If you have any questions, please write: joy@thaiamuletsales.com.

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